How to migrate from Magento Enterprise to Shopify Plus in the UK – The 3 Step Guide 2019-07-28T06:06:26+00:00

How to migrate from Magento Enterprise to Shopify Plus in the UK – The 3 Step Guide

Realizing that you have probably made the wrong choice when it comes to the e-commerce platform that you’re currently using is something that can have a very bad effect on your business, but also on your self-esteem as a business owner. However, we have to say that the damage that can be done to your business but this decision is a lot bigger than your ego, so we’re going to be focusing on that in this article today. If you are interested in switching from Magento to Shopify in the UK, then this is a great article for you to read. If you want to know how to migrate Magento Enterprise to Shopify Plus, then make sure to keep reading and be prepared to take notes.

Evaluate the platform and get the right team.

You might have wonder if are there any comparable alternatives to Magento? And the answer is yes. Even though you have realized that Magento Enterprise is not the right choice for your e-commerce, that doesn’t mean that Shopify Plus is automatically the right way to go. Because of that you need to take a good look at Shopify Plus and see what they can offer and whether they can for fill all of your needs. If you determine that it has everything that you need, then it is time for you to get the right team on board to help you with the migration process. This transition can be quite difficult and lengthy, so getting the right team of developers on your side is something that will make the whole process much simpler and much faster than it will take you to do everything on your own.

Have a strategy

Migrating from Magento Enterprise to Shopify Plus is hard and you need all the help that you can get from the very beginning. A great way that you can actually help yourself is by developing a strategy very early on. This is particularly important if the e-commerce is your primary source of income because that means that you need to make sure the e-commerce is migrated and re-platformed  really, really quickly and really well. This will not only minimize the time that you were off-line, but it will also minimize any risk of having to make the process last longer than it needs to. If you take our advice and hire a development team to help you out with the process then we suggest you discuss the strategy with them, and if they are experienced with this kind of thing they will probably get have some good suggestions for you, and we believe you should definitely listen to them because they probably have some inside knowledge that you and your UK business can benefit from.

Have an SEO strategy ready to go

One of the biggest risks of switching to a new platform is not being off-line for a few days, or even weeks, but it is actually dropping in the search engine rankings. Working with the new platform essentially means that you’re starting with your store from scratch on the search engines and that means that you will have to work much harder in terms of SEO. Having a good strategy in place before you begin the migration process is key to having a successful outcome. All of your URLs are most likely going to change, so you need to make sure you’re properly re-directing them, and luckily Shopify has some great tools that can help you do that easily.

Switching from one plant from to another definitely isn’t an easy task, and that is something we make a point of repeating in this article because it really is true. If you’re sure that you want to migrate to Shopify Plus from Magento Enterprise, then we really hope that you found this article useful and that the few tips we gave you can make the process for your UK business much simpler, easier and faster.